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Home Care

Home care products to restore skin's suppleness and health. It helps to relieve acne and improve skin's condition. The addition of imported medicinal aloe essence makes skin smooth, soft and delicate.

恢复皮肤记忆和淡化痘印迹的主要产品, 从而达到缓解粉刺, 青春痘的效果并且添加进口药用芦荟精华, 使皮肤光洁轻滑, 柔润细腻.



Treatment Set/Box

The products extracted from pansy and is the essence of peptides can effectively repair damaged skin and restore skin tissues.

产品是从三色菫经过高压提炼出来的双氨基酸结合体, 乃胜肽中的精华, 能有效抑制皮肤软组织层受损的肌肤问题, 令肌肤结缔组织有序排列并恢复网状结构.



Travel Set

Our travel sets cover a range of products suitable for various types of skin:

- Anti-Aging Set (Dry and Mature Skin)
- Acne Set
- Normal-Combination Set
- Hydro Set
- Sensitive Set



Sheet Mask

Tremella is called "King of the Fungi" from time immemorial, as the food is a tonic, as external use is beauty products.

Tremella is rich in vitamin D, can promote skin metabolism and enhance resistance in eczema and scables.

Tremella protein contains 17 kinds of amino acids. Tremella can provide three-quaters of amino acids for human and also can catalyze metabolism.

银耳从远古时代就被称为真菌之王, 如果当食物来说它是和平, 如果外用就是美容产品.

银耳富含维生素D, 能促进皮肤新陈代谢, 抵抗湿疹和痔疮/癞.

银耳的蛋白质中含有17种氨基酸. 银耳可以提供的氨基酸为人类四分之三, 也可以催化代谢.







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