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Dermal Replenishment

C’weed Prickle Treatment is a natural-based treatment technology, which does not harm or damage the skin. The tiny spicules of filamentous sponges from seaweed create thousands to millions of micro-wounds as they puncture the skin. They target the roots of any underlying skin conditions to improve the health of the skin from inside out and to reveal the skin’s natural glow. In addition, new capillaries are formed. This neovascularization and neocollagenesis following the treatment will lead to a reduction of scars and allows skin rejuvenation. Thus, skin texture, firmness and hydration will be improved. Youthful skin will be restored.

  1. Detoxifies skin & removes dead skin cells   
  2. Stimulates collagen production   
  3. Re-activate skin cells & cells repairing  
  4. Strengthens skin’s immune system  
  5. Strengthens cells metabolism  
  6. Improves blood circulation  
  7. Skin rejuvenation & elasticity  
  8. Shrinks pores  

Supple, soft and hydrated skin  

- Promotes healthy and glowing skin  
- Refines enlarged pores 
- Hydrates skin from inside out  
- Locks in moisture deep within the skin   

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海藻针是个纯天然而不损伤皮肤的护理,小小的数千至数百万的针丝状海绵穿刺进入皮肤的深层来调理皮肤基根的构造,修复, 改善皮肤所有的问题。

1. 排毒和去角质层
2.  刺激胶原蛋白再生
3.  激活细胞再生和修复细胞
4.  增强皮肤免疫系统
5.  增强细胞代谢
6.  改善血液循环
7.  皮肤嫩肤和弹性
8.  收缩毛孔


-  促进皮肤的健康和光滑
-  改善毛孔扩大
-  皮肤内外保湿
-  深层锁住皮肤的水分







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