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Mutual Collocation of Tremella Fiber Carrier
& Liquid Essence

  • Value of Essence Liquid Carrier + Value of Essence Liquid = Double Effect Facial Mask Combination
  • Tremella Paper Mask is rich in large quantity of Tremella Polysaccharides

Detailed Introduction of Tremella Polysaccharides from Tremella Carries
  • Research from Japan Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd. shows Tremella breaking with the existing extraction technology is a kind of Hetero polysaccharide composed of mannitol, xyluronic acid and glucuronic acid. It is excellent in skin moisturizing and is the most superior raw material of cosmetics because its volatilization is slower than hyaluronic acid.
  • We made a breakthrough from the existing extraction technology by extracting large quantities of colorless, odourless, transparent and viscous polysaccharides from actual tremella. Active matters in the polysaccharides are high, up to 57%-70%.
  • Tremella Polysaccharides extracted by new breakthrough technology can still maintain its tackiness in a solution of PH5.5-7.5 or in temperature of 10-100°C, without obvious desaturation. Each gram of Tremella Polysaccharides dry powder will absorb a large quantity of water or essence.
  • After evaporation of water, Tremella Polysacharides will produce active physical protection film on the surface of the skin and this will increase the moisture content of normal skin cutin layer by 35%-56%.
  • Tremella Cosmeceutical is quite easy to be absorbed by the skin. It has long lasting moisturizing efficacy and does not leave greasy feel on the skin.

Feature of Tremella Fiber

"Tremella Polysaccharides" - The effective ingredient of Tremella
  • Its aqueous smear on the skin can form a film with physical protection.
  • Strengthens skin moisturizing effect.
  • Improves skin stratum corneum moisture holding capacity.
  • Improves skin condition, reduces skin peeling, skin rash and other issues.
  • Tremella mask texture is soft, feels like yarn, the 3-D network structure of the polymer to the full absorption of nutritional liquid, when applied to the skin, enables the essence to be released slowly and instantly penetrate into the base skin, leaving skin feeling refresh and comfortable.
  • The edible films have no side effects on the skin, coupled with its excellent adsorption performance and strong moisturizing capacity. This beauty mask is made of the finest material. Tremella gel mask can soften the skin, the stratum corneum and has a good nourishing and whitening effect. It can also delay the signs of aging.
  • Long term usage of this mask can make skin to appear brighter, whiter and delicate, soft and rich in flexibility, reduce facial wrinkles and weaken the facial chloasma and freckles. It could also give effective recovery of facial muscle fatigue. (recommended usage time: 15-30 minutes).
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  • 价值本子液体载体+超值精华液=双效面膜组合
  • 银耳面膜中含有大量丰富的多糖银耳

  • 自日本Japan Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd. 研究表明银耳用现有的萃取技术获取的一种甘露醇, xyluronic酸和葡萄糖醛酸组成的杂多糖. 它能有效得使皮肤润泽, 并且是化妆品内最优越的原料, 因为它发挥的比hyaluronic透明质酸慢.
  • 我们通过制动器从现有的提取技术, 从银耳里抽出大量无色, 无味, 透明和活性事项高达57%-70%
  • 通过技术, 通过技术新的突破提取银耳多糖, 仍能保持其粘性在PH5.5-7.5的溶液或在10-100ºC的温度下无明显饱和度下降. 银耳多糖干粉每克会吸收大量的水和精华液.
  • 水蒸发后, 银耳多糖会产生皮肤表面上的活性物质保护膜, 这将增加正常皮肤角质层的水分含量35%-56%.
  • 银耳药妆是很容易被皮肤吸收, 它持久保湿功效, 不会留下油腻的感觉在皮肤上.

“银耳多糖” 银耳中的有效成分
  • 可以形成薄膜的物理保护层.
  • 可增强皮肤的保湿效果.
  • 提高皮肤角质层的水分保持能力.
  • 改善皮肤状况, 减少脱皮, 皮疹等问题.
  • 银耳面膜质地柔软, 感觉就像纱线, 聚合营养液, 使得精华液能够缓慢的释放和快速渗透皮肤, 除去面膜时感觉刷新和舒适.
  • 面膜对于皮肤无副作用, 再加上其出色的吸附性能与很强的保湿能力, 这种美容面膜是最好的材料. 银耳面膜能软化皮肤角质层, 并具有良好的滋润和美白效果, 能延缓衰老的作用.
  • 长期使用可以使皮肤光亮, 洁白细腻, 柔软而富有弹性, 减少面部皱纹和淡化面部黄褐斑和雀斑, 面部肌肉疲劳等功能的有效回收 (使用时间: 15-30分钟)






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